Thursday, 23 July 2015

ACT 2: There and back again

Description: Activity one requires the task of programming the robot using the LEGO Mindstorms program in order to manipulate certain functions to move the robot to and from the start 50 cm away, which was achieved in activity one, then progressing from this make the robot turn and move back to the beginning of the start (50 cm away). 


Roles Of Each Team Member

    Help programmed the robot to move  50 cm, turn the robot and make it travel back to the beginning line
     Recorded  trial videos and photo. 


   Programmed robot to move 50 cm, turn the robot and make it travel back to the beginning line
Recorded videos and photos 

In order to program the robot to move 50 cm in a straight line of 50 cm,we first selected the control/ move function. From this point the port system "B:" was chosen, and then we had adjusted the steering of the robot to move in a straight line selecting the middle arrow. 

After this , it was a process of trial and error to manipulate the time scheme in order to complement the length of 50 cm. In order to achieve this, we begun the a duration of one second, which was obviously quite short as the robot did not move the whole 50cm, but it did move in a straight line. This meant that time still needed adjusting, and more functions needed to be included in order for the robot to turn 360 degrees and move back towards the beginning line, which was completed by adding a new 'move ' setting then changing the duration to 360 degrees. 
The third function we added was for the robot to stop after it turned then move back at 2 seconds to the finish line, using the same instructions for the first function. 

OVERALL: Robot moved almost yet 3/4 of the 50 cm turned and traveled back to the beginning of the line at the same duration.  So time still needed to get manipulated , in order to complete the activity being in line with the new function where 2<time<3 (seconds). 


 All functions from trial one remained the same, however for the first and second function the time was changed from 2 seconds to three seconds , so we had increased the time in order for the robot to move more along the line. . Good news was that the goal WAS ACHIEVED and the robot traveled 50 cm in a straight direction to and from the line, leaving trial three successful.

Overall, this activity did take 3 trials for it to be completed which are summarized below, in the following medium. 

Final product:


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