Thursday, 23 July 2015

ACT 3: Brace, Brace, Brace

In this task the Ultra Sonic Sensor is used to avoid collisions with other robots. This task involves developing a simple loop program, where the robot will turn to avoid a collision with an object when the Ultra Sonic Sensor is activated.


Roles Of Each Team Member

    Programmed robot to complete activity
   Programmed robot to complete activity

Recorded videos and photos for blog entry


DESCRIPTION: The loop function was selected for continuous flow of the activity. The move function was then chosen so that the robot will be able to move forward. The Ultrasonic Sensor function was selected so that if the robot detects an object in front of it, it will stop and proceed to the next action. The next action is another move function which allows the robot to turn 180 degrees.  


DESCRIPTION: The robot failed to detect the wall in front of it, thus the number was changed to fifty so it will able to proceed the action meant to be taken.


TASK DESCRIPTION: The 'until:' section had numbers changed again to eight and increments was changed from inches to centimetres. This trial was successful in completing the activity as seen in the video above. 

SUMMARY: In total, the activity 'Brace, Brace' Brace' was completed in three trials as seen in the diagram below.

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