Thursday, 23 July 2015

ACT 4: Edge Finder

TASK DESCRIPTION: This task uses the light sensor and simple loop program to navigate your robot safely round a table top. This program can also be adapted to become a line follower.

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Roles Of Each Team Member

   Programmed robot to complete activity

Recorded videos and photos for blog entry


DESCRIPTION: The loop function was selected for continuous flow of the activity. The move function was then chosen so that the robot will be able to move around and the light sensor function was selected so that when the robot detects a change in light, it will continue onto the next function. The last function is a move function which is programmed to turn 90 degrees once light is detected. In this trial, the last move function was on stop, so that when light changed the robot stopped moving.


DESCRIPTION: The direction on the last move function was changed from stop to reverse and the steering has also changed so it will turn. This trial failed as the robot rolled off the table.


DESCRIPTION: The steering direction on the last move function was changed again. In this trial, the robot didn't turn properly, but at small fractions and appears the activity wasn't able to loop.


DESCRIPTION: The duration in this trial was changed from rotations to degrees. The number set in the duration was ninety as the robot should turn at this degree once it has sensed a change in light. This trial was successful, thus indicates the completion of activity four. 

SUMMARY: In total, the activity was completed in four trials as seen in the following chart.

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