Thursday, 23 July 2015

Dolphin Challenge Day 3

Task Description:

Is to program the Dolphin robot to 'swim', using the NXT program.





Helped to try and solve the problem  of which the dolphin wouldn't move itself forward. 
     Took photos for blog

     Created blog


  Helped to try and solve the problem of which the dolphin wouldn't move itself forward.

  Took videos for blog

Task : Make the dolphin swim ; by doing this the dolphin is forward in a motion where it moving upward and downwards , yet at the same time is moving forward.

Issue: The issue being witnessed is that the dolphin isn't moving forward however it is moving upwards and downwards, yet Sideways.

We tried another couple of adjustments to the previous program;

Trial 1

Using the previous trial from blog 2 shown above , we had tried change the actual measure of durance from seconds to rotations. This was however , unsuccessful as the dolphin

The dolphin ends up turning and flipping to the right side, which isn't how a dolphin moves. So this trial was yet not successful. 

Trial 2

In trial 2 we had then changed the measure of duration from rotations to unlimited to see whether this would have an impact on the dolphins movement ;

As you can the dolphin is still moving and yet flips over to the right hand side yet with less speed. This was not the effect we were hoping for. 

Trial 3

In trial 3 we had then thought that the power was the main cause of the issue AND would actually push the dolphin to move forward,  so we had increased both of the  powers for the first and second function to 100 (full power). This was not yet successful, as the dolphin began to move really fast, and after the actual video ended pieces began to eventually break off. 


Trial 4 :

Instead of trying to adjust anything, we just went back to the very first trial that was supported by the NXT program , and could see that although the dolphin didn't move forward it does look like it is swimming as with has the basic behavior function of the dolphin. We would just have to leave the program as it is and move on, as it still does resemble the behavior of a dolphin. 


NEXT LESSON GOAL: To  add sound. 

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