Thursday, 23 July 2015

Dolphin Challenge Day 4

Task Description : To make the dolphin move and to also add sound, completing the actual robot.

Challenge: Since the programming of the robot to 'swim' , the next step was to add sound which was troublesome as we had downloaded the dolphin music sound which was as a .wav file. However, for this to be included on the program we had to convert the file to RSO, which is only compatible for the system we are using. 

So we had searched online for an online converter, however we had found one website which had many conversions of files except RSO, So we kept searching, and there weren't many websites at all left to us,some of which had spams and viruses linked on it which weren't very safe to use. 

So  one of my friend had offered to see whether she could convert the file, but however has not responded, as she had been very busy, 

Hence sound couldn't be added.

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