Thursday, 23 July 2015

Dolphin Challenge Day1

Task Description:
Is to construct and reshape a robot whose characteristics and physical appearance resemble  a dolphin.  With the first step being to take apart our existing robot, then using and applying creativity to make the robot look like a dolphin. With this comes a lot of problem solving and challenges, which occurred further below. 




 Took apart existing robot

Helped problem solve and using various pieces to construct the dolphin to appear as a dolphin. 
Took photos for blog

Created blog


 Took apart existing robot

Helped problem solve and using various pieces to construct the dolphin to appear as a dolphin.

Took photos for blog

Construction Of The Dolphin 

Challenging TASKS! & problems Encountered:

The construction of the dolphin was presided by following instructions based on a website, with a step by step tutorial and of course with our own creativeness. However, seemingly as easy as it sounds , we encountered issues with the construction of how the websites model had  in terms of what pieces were used,


As seen in the image below, these grey 4 sided equal pieces were consistently used throughout the tutorial , which uses around 10-15 pieces of them. The issue we encountered was that we only had 4 of this specific piece which was in our tool kit.

Image #1: 

So to solve this issue , we had gathered that their were no other pieces from other groups that could be shared and had talked to our teacher about it. We then had substituted different pieces to help carry out the same job that the 4 sided 'L' shaped piece was used in the tutorial.

By using 2 smaller 3 single pieces and using a blue pieces  (or black/yellow depending on the step and what needed to be held together )  which we had just enough in the end to fully complete the steps, we were able to figure out a way to sort out this problem logically. 

Issue #2

Once we had dealt with this issue it was then that another piece which was also used in the NXT Dolphin tutorial ,  shown below, was another piece of which we did not have at all. So using the strategy we did before with the previous issue we had just used a variety of pieces to substitute for the one of which we did not have, 

Image Piece #2:

As you can see the piece is an 'L' shape with an extended 3 holes at an angle as well. Our kit only included a long 'L' shape , but however the issue was that there was no extra 3 piece holes attached at angle on it like the one in the tutorial. 

So we figured to use a long piece which had 11 holes with a 3 piece holes and just used a blue/black piece to hold it together hence so we had just recreated the shape  in a different way. 

Summary ;

In the end of the lesson we had gotten most of  it done throughout the tutorial in completing the dolphin, with the tail still needing completion. However the process would have been fast if we had the same pieces given as was in the tutorial, but that's why this is the challenge task .

!Final Product !

 NEXT GOAL: Accessorize and change the tail of the dolphin

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